Sinking Creek Four Wheel Drive Association (SC4WDA) Bylaws:

We are a slow-moving, technically oriented off-highway driving club, organized to have fun. We exist to uphold the ideals of the organization, which include but are not limited to: safe, responsible off-highway driving, promotion of the understanding of off-highway driving, abiding by Tread Lightly! ideals, improving/maintaining/re-opening trails, and having fun.

1. Membership: Membership is open to anyone whether or not he or she owns or drives a 4wd vehicle. Ride-a-longs are encouraged before applying for membership. Potential members must show offroad spotting and driving competence by completing the skills checklist. Upon completion of the checklist, potential members must be voted in by current members by a 75% vote conducted in private.

2. Waiver: All new members must sign the official club "Save Our Butts" waiver before participating in club trail rides.

3. Dues-New Members: Membership dues of $40 are to be paid by the new member in order to establish his or her probationary member status. This may be done at any time throughout the year, but will not be prorated. Payment of dues for the year qualifies the member for the end-of-year raffle.

4. Dues-Current Members: Annual dues are $40 and are due by the third meeting of each semester. Dues must be paid on time and in full for continued membership in the club. Payment of dues for the year qualifies the member for the end-of-year raffle.

5. Driving Criteria: All members of the club must follow Tread Lightly! ideals and guidelines for responsible off-highway driving. Members who violate Tread Lightly! guidelines will be issued a warning upon their first offense. Repeated violations of Tread Lightly! guidelines shall be grounds for permanent removal from SC4WDA.

6. Vehicle Criteria: All vehicles that will be participating in club trail rides must be D.O.T. approved and must pass state inspections where applicable. All vehicles must also pass club inspection; see #10. Failure to comply with club inspection criteria shall be grounds for permanent removal from SC4WDA.

7. Guests: Members must inform the event coordinator of guests that will be driving along with the club in advance. All guests must follow club guidelines. As a member it is your responsibility to control your guests and ensure they act responsibly. The number of guest passengers is limited to the number of seats with seat belts in the member sponsor's vehicle. The number of guest drivers is limited to one per member sponsor. Guest drivers are limited to two club events each semester before they must become a member. Members are allowed one guest at non-trail ride events such as club parties.

8. Officers: Club officials are elected annually by a majority vote at the final meeting. Current officers are listed on the Contacts page.

9.Zero Tolerance: No consumption/use of alcohol or drugs is allowed during any club trail ride. The club abides by all applicable Local, State and Federal laws pertaining to drug and alcohol use. This rule applies to drivers, passengers, and guests. Violation of this policy is grounds for immediate removal of membership without a vote.

10. Club Inspection: All vehicles must pass club inspection prior to attending club trail rides. Club inspection criteria are listed on the Vehicle Inspection Form and must be met by all members' rigs on all trail rides. All members are also required to carry the necessary tools to maintain and repair their vehicle while on trail rides. CB's, winches, come-a longs, shovels, hi-lift jacks, spare parts and extra fuel are not mandatory, but are encouraged. Failure to comply with club inspection criteria shall be grounds for permanent removal from SC4WDA.

11. Convoy Rules: General convoy rules apply: A leader and tailer will be assigned on all trips. Do not follow too closely to the vehicle in front of you. Do not pass the vehicle in front of you. Do not lose sight of the vehicle behind you. Do not attempt an obstacle until the previous vehicle has successfully completed said obstacle. If a vehicle breaks down, initially everyone must stop to assess the situation. At least one functional vehicle must stay with the stranded vehicle until the situation is remedied. The trail leader is only to be passed in the event of an emergency and must be notified. Failure to comply with convoy rules shall be grounds for permanent removal from SC4WDA.

12. Safety: Members reserve the right to pronounce a vehicle unfit for a trail and to disallow the vehicle to participate in the club ride.

13. Loss of Membership: Any member who creates a dangerous environment or repeatedly disobeys the bylaws will be removed from the club. This will be done on a three strike system with members receiving two warnings before being removed for the third infraction. Membership is non-refundable. Loss of membership includes loss of any affiliation with the club, including visual and verbal indications of membership.

14. Meetings: Club meetings will GENERALLY be held on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of every month at 7:00 PM, however the schedule is subject to change and should be confirmed on the club forum. Meetings will be held in the Litton Reeves parking lot on the Virginia Tech campus, weather permitting, or inside Litton Reeves Hall unless otherwise specified. Attendance is not mandatory but is STRONGLY ENCOURAGED!!!!

15. Membership: Club membership is divided into three categories.

  • Probationary membership: New members will have probationary status until they successfully complete the member checklist and are voted in. Probationary members can be removed by a unanimous decision of the current officers. Probationary members do not have voting rights.
  • Full membership: Members that have completed the members checklist and have been voted in shall be known as Full Members. Full members have voting rights. Full members may be removed by a unanimous decision of the current officers and a unanimous decision of all other present voting members.

Revised: 8/12/2007