24v dodge questinos

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24v dodge questinos

Post by csult » Sat Sep 25, 2010 3:13 pm

this thing is driveing me crazy!!

to start with i got a used superchip it is unlocked and ready to go but it want work on my truck.... works great on my buddys 01. the chip will go throw all the steps but want give me any tuner choices...

i thank the reason the chip ant working right on my truck is there is something funny going on with my "wait to start" light the light dosent come on right as soon as i turn the key on ( my buddys 01 does) i thank the light and the fuel pump work togeather becouse when the light does come on after a good 15 sec the pump starts running... also the truck willl not start untill the light has came on! does anybody know where the fuel pump gets its power i tryed to track the wire but it got to tight

side note when i say fuel pump im meaning the lift pump

any help or info will be great

if somebody knows whats going on with this thing ill pay you a few bucks to fix it
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Post by BlueDodgeRam » Sat Sep 25, 2010 3:52 pm

Have you gotten your batteries checked? The WTS light has nothing to do with the lift pump. I wonder if your batteries are on their way out so it has to run either the heater grid or the lift pump.

It shouldnt really be running the heater grid all that much if the intake/ambient air temp is above 68 degrees if i recall correctly

Bring it by the house if you want to, not promising any sure fixes though :flipoff2:
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