Sinking Creek 4 Wheel Drive Association Official Insurance Waiver


         To be signed by ALL members and nonmembers prior to attending any Sinking Creek 4WD Association (SC4WDA) trip.

         If you do not wish to sign this waiver, you will not be allowed membership in SC4WDA, or to accompany SC4WDA members during official trips.

         Whereas, I recognize that SC4WDA is a non-profit organization with the objective of promoting responsible four-wheeling for the mutual benefit of its membership; and

         Whereas, I fully agree not to hold SC4WDA liable for any expenses I may incur due to circumstances surrounding SC4WDA outings; and

         Whereas, I understand that SC4WDA does not maintain an insurance policy, and that it is up to me to ensure that I am covered by my own insurance policies; and

         Whereas, I agree to and understand that should personal or vehicular injury occur, SC4WDA is not responsible; and

         Whereas, I understand that driving, especially off-highway, is a potentially dangerous activity

         Therefore, in consideration of being allowed to participate in SC4WDA trips, I, the undersigned, voluntarily waive, hold harmless, and covenant not to sue SC4WDA, its officers, any trip leader, sanctioning organizations, or agent thereof with respect to any and all claims or liability of any kind arising out of any trip or activity associated with SC4WDA.

         Also, I accept the continuing responsibility to acquaint myself with the hazards and risks inherent in any SC4WDA activity and trip, and I agree not to participate in any activity unless I fully understand all risks attendant thereto.

         I agree that this waiver shall continue in full legal force and effect until the day that I notify SC4WDA, in writing that I no longer agree to the provisions of this waiver, and this notice is acknowledged by SC4WDA.”

         I have read and understand the SC4WDA bylaws and I understand that failure to abide by the current bylaws and future revisions may result in my dismissal from SC4WDA.



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